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Developmental editing
Subject expertise
Publication strategy
Project management

If you are publishing research or policy work, a little attention to the art of writing goes a long way.


Writing that is lucid, concise, tailored to its intended readership and free from errors is more likely to get the attention it deserves.


Anyone can benefit from professional editorial assistance. Engaging an editor gets you someone who will ensure your work is finished to the highest standards, and who will help make sure your ideas don't get lost in the process of writing them down.


A good editor will not only attend to wordiness,  jargon, and other errors in syntax and style, but also find ways to make the writing more relevant, striking, and purposeful.

This is where I can help. I offer a range of services to help you make sure your publications are finished to the highest standards.

I offer a full range of editing services, from proofreading, to mechanical copyediting, to more in-depth developmental editing.

Where more substantive copyediting is required, it can be useful to have an editor with the right thematic expertise. I have a background in international development and peace-building and I regularly edit work in these areas.

I also offer layout and formatting using Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign.

My writing services include writing new or rewriting existing copy, condensing longer reports, or turning raw research data into written reports.

Finally, I offer a complete brief-to-production editorial and project management service, which includes working directly with authors, designers and printers to see your publication through to completion.

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